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With corporate yoga you invest in the health of your employees and the quality of work. You contribute to a positive working atmosphere, stress prevention, reducing absenteeism and a higher return.


Some advantages listed:

  • Yoga improves physical condition

  • Yoga improves concentration

  • Yoga helps  deal better with stress

  • Yoga strengthens the immune system

  • Yoga improves productivity

  • Yoga Can Improve Overall Employee Satisfaction

  • Yoga reduces fatigue, anxiety and anger 

  • Yoga improves posture  


In a session, employees learn to listen better to their bodies. They become aware of where they hold tension and learn to take a closer look at their emotions. I guide them to release tension.  

Different forms of yoga are possible, from very dynamic to calm. 

In the quiet sessions, the emphasis is on breathing, anti-stress, mindfulness and relaxation.

The classes are open to everyone, both young and old.

Plus, corporate yoga is completely tax-deductible!

Prices on request

Contact Eline on 0477/927757 or by email  mail

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