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Self-care is important to be able to cope with the high pace in our society. After stress we must be able to discharge stress , but also find satisfaction in life.

Taking care of yourself is quite a challenge for many and it feels as if there is no or too little time for that, but it is important to regularly push the pause button . It ensures that you stay fit and healthy on a physical, mental & emotional level.


Ideal for tension complaints, painful muscles and joints or if you need pure relaxation.

neck and back massage 30 min - 35 euros

massage 60 min - 70 euros

scalp massage 20 min -20 euros

cupping 30 min - 30 euros (more info)

Facial care

Facial cleansing, peeling, facial massage, mask.

I work with natural products such as essential oils and create a soothing, relaxing ritual for you and your skin.

60 minutes - 70 euros

Medical Pedicure

Cut and file the nails, remove calluses and corns, treat fungal nails and ingrown nails.
I always end with a good foot massage.

30 minutes - 35 euros
+ 10 euros to paint


Cut, file, remove skins, hand bath, hand massage.


30 minutes - 30 euros

+10 euros to paint


Epilation with resin

eyebrows or upper lip 12 euros

eyebrows and upper lip 19 euros

chin or cheeks 12 euros

arms 19.50 euros

lower legs 23 euros

thighs 23 euros

full legs 40 euros

armpits 15 euros

bikini line 17 euros

shoulders 20 euros

back 29 euros


prices on request


Colors of eyebrows or eyelashes 18 euros


The natural immune booster.

frog (2).png

Aura & Charka Healing

energetic work.

flower of life.png

On Tuesday and Thursday:
Astridlaan 180, Assebroek

On Wednesday and Friday:
Rijksweg 354/101, Wielsbeke

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