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Are you ready to let go and heal your emotional challenges and conflicts?
Do you want to work with a professional who will help you feel more self-acceptance , clarity and confidence in every area of your life?

Do you feel stuck, burned out, doubt yourself, are you insecure about your future, do you have no motivation, do you feel worthless, do you have trouble with relationships, is that inner voice very judgmental and strict? Or you can't find peace and trust? ​

Whatever is going on inside you, you will find that there is a reason for it. You will realize that the self-judgment, all the "blockages" and apparent patterns of self-sabotage are actually trying to protect you. Every human being has an ego (or the "I" identity/self-concept created in childhood.) The ego is your protector, it fights to protect you from anything that feels like a threat.

Healing is learning what your needs are, how to meet them and why you are worthy of having them met.

If you are willing to feel your emotions, reactions, and sensations in the body, you are able to process and move forward. Not by forcing them, but inviting them in and allowing your system to work with them in a way it can naturally handle.

I will support you in creating space for your emotions to transform.

I will encourage you to slow down and reflect deeply on your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and reactions. It is as though a mirror is held up before you where you can see and appreciate your true self with compassion.


Inner work is the exercise of becoming aware of the ego.
It's not a quick fix.
It is a journey in which you are honest and curious, have the courage and willingness to look deep within.
And from there learn to make choices that go beyond the ego's response.

I offer you the tools to recognize your self -worth and embody your authenticity, combined with exercises such as  mindfulness, meditation, movement, breathwork and more.

My priority is to create a safe space with respect and compassion, without judgment, so that you can be completely honest and dive deep into yourself.

Work with me to find balance, inner peace, self love, have healthy relationships, build self-confidence, let go of patterns, negative self-talk and beliefs .

I hear you, I see you, I feel you!

I myself have come a long way to be able to embrace myself as I really am. ​


Are you ready for change?

Book a free 30 minute discovery call with me to see if we're a match to work together.

be happy


session 60 min – 70 euro

Make your appointment with Eline on 0477/927757

Eline has a degree in the Theory and Practice of counseling, the embodiment of Presence and essential states, skilful assistance of inquiry, supervision and the integration of mindfulness and meditation into the holistic counseling practice.

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