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Spiritual Plant Journey

  • Do you long for a profound process of awareness?

  • Are you ready to break the vicious circle you've created to survive?

  • Do you dare to face your fears and recognize your own patterns?

  • Do you find yourself becoming dependent on your thoughts, booze, sex, medication, or caring for others, and realize that this is just a distraction to avoid reality?

If you allow yourself a valuable life and are willing to let go of control and surrender to what life has to offer, then I have a unique opportunity for you.


Find clarity about what's going on in your life, undergo a deep cleansing and create more space to manifest what feels right for you in this beautiful game called 'life'.

This extraordinary experience will bring you insight into the flow of life and inspire you to let your inner light shine.

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Go on a Profound Journey with our Plant Ceremonies

Step into a sacred space where ancient wisdom and modern exploration come together, and let me guide you on a transformative journey.


Plant ceremonies provide a profound opportunity for healing, self-discovery and spiritual growth. They invite you to dive deep into the layers of consciousness and connect with the wisdom of the plant spirits.

I work with a variety of powerful plants, some of which come from the lush Amazon rainforest. I use the healing properties of plants such as cacao, bobinsana, sananga, hapé,kambo, palo santo, mapacho,...

Ceremonies are possible, both one-on-one and in small, intimate groups of up to 5 people.

This intimate setting offers a safe and meaningful environment for your inner journey.

My approach.

​With my expertise, guidance and caring presence, I create a safe and supportive environment for your journey of exploration and transformation.

Intentional Preparation

I strongly believe in the importance of thorough preparation for your plant ceremony experience. Prior to the ceremony, I offer guidance on dietary guidelines, lifestyle modifications and practices that enhance your receptivity to the plants. This is how I ensure a harmonious and profound experience.

Sacred Rituals and Ceremonial Space

During the ceremonies I perform rituals with deep respect for the old traditions. I create a sacred space, adorned with natural elements and a soothing ambiance, as the setting for a powerful and transformative experience. In addition, I use instruments such as the drum, rattles and chakapa, and I provide a lovingly composed playlist to enrich your experience even more deeply.

Sacred Plants

I work with a variety of plant medicines, each with their own unique energy and wisdom. These sacred plants offer a profound opportunity for deep healing, self-reflection and personal growth.

Integration support

My involvement goes beyond the ceremony itself. I offer integration support to help you process your experiences and integrate them into your daily life. Together we ensure that the insights and lessons you have gained during the journey can become fruitful in your growth process.

Community and Connection

My plant ceremonies are a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals on the path of healing and self-discovery. Sharing circles, group discussions and shared meals promote a sense of connection, understanding and support throughout your journey.

Safe environment

I am committed to creating a nurturing environment that promotes relaxation, safety and comfort. My ceremonies take place in serene and natural settings, allowing you to relax, let go and fully surrender to the healing energies of the plant medicines.​

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What can it mean for you?

In plant ceremonies, various complaints or issues can be addressed. It is important to note that plant ceremonies are not a substitute for medical treatments or therapies. However, they can be complementary and provide support in various challenges. Some of the complaints or issues that people may address in plant ceremonies include:

  • Emotional traumas: can help explore and heal deep-seated emotional traumas, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety disorders, loss and grief.

  • Addiction patterns: can support people in breaking addiction patterns and gaining insight into the underlying causes of addiction, such as drugs, alcohol, smoking or behavioral addictions.

  • Personal growth and self development: can be a powerful tool for personal growth, self-reflection and exploring one's own potential. They can help gain deep insights, increase self-awareness and promote positive changes in life.

  • Spiritual quest and awareness: can provide a path for spiritual growth and awareness. They can help people have deeper spiritual experiences, experience a greater sense of connection to the universe, and explore their own spiritual path.

  • Anxiety and stress: can help reduce anxiety and manage stress. They can enable people to let go of limiting thought patterns and experience more inner peace and calm.

  • Creativity and inspiration: can stimulate creativity and help people to explore new perspectives and ideas. They can help discover hidden talents and increase inspiration and creative expression.

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