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About Eline

I am a passionate entrepreneur who likes to delve into the well-being of people and study and apply alternative ways to heal the body. After 10 years of working in the wellness sector, I followed various courses at home and abroad, I became a yoga teacher, energetic healer and holistic counselor.

My whole life is dedicated to find inner strength, self-love and confidence within myself. It was not an easy ride...

Medical problems caused me to be challenged to confront myself to find my soul qualities and discover how to go through life healthy and happy. ​


I love simplicity, enjoying the little things in life, dancing, nature, traveling, laughing, reading, healthy cooking, in-depth conversations and making loving connections with friends.

Now I live fully, in this moment, from my heart and to my rhythm. I surf the waves of life in confidence and with acceptance for what is.


Eline at Lago d'Orta
Eline in de duinen

My approach

It is my mission to inspire you in your healing process and to find self-acceptance, confidence and inner strength by:

    Learning to feel emotions/triggers in the body, where they come from and how to transform them.

    Increase awareness of the body and mind and feel a deep connection with yourself.

    Focus on unwinding, because the body can only heal when it's relaxed.

I work in a holistic way. These are healing techniques that look at and address all aspects of the person (body, mind, soul), encourage research into the causes of symptoms rather than suppress them, and recognize the interconnectedness with the universe.


My trainings

  • Beautician & medical pedicure (Syntra West)

  • Massage therapist (Syntra West)

  • Advanced Theta Healing Practicioner (Sandra Saelens)

  • Holistic Counselor: Embodiment, Awareness & Presence, Mindfulness, Meditation and Inquiry
    (Turiya Hannover & Rafia Morgan)

  • Breath Centered Yoga (Lesie Kaminoff)

  • Vinyasa Yoga teacher training (Joachim Meire)

  • Yin Yoga teacher training (Mirjam Wagner)

  • Ashtanga Teacher Training (Kino McGregor & Tim Feldman)

  • Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (Janneke van Amelsvoort)


Eline aan de zee
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