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Yoga Retreat Portugal 2-7/06/22

Detox your mind and body
with Eline & Cindy

Do you want to go into the summer fresh, energetic, charged and satisfied? Then don't miss this 5-day purification cure. Revitalize your body with yoga, mindfulness, osho and walking meditation, sauna and ice baths, sound healing, ...

You can detox in an oasis of peace and greenery with an occasional splash in the pool, an invigorating sauna session and daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness moments. Our cook prepares healthy, organic and vegetarian meals with great love that support the detox process.

Optionally we offer kambo sessions. Kambo purifies the entire body and boosts the immune system. Kambo is known as the most potent antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory that Mother Nature offers us. In short, your body and mind are completely revitalized after this trip.

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What does our self-care retreat mean to you?

We will travel with a group of maximum 12 people to the Portuguese Algarve and stay in the Boutique Guesthouse Seeds of Silence. Everything is there to give you the necessary rest and to detoxify your body:  cozy rooms, swimming pool and sauna, relaxation corners, a professional yoga room, …

Not only will we stay on this beautiful domain, but we will also fully explore the area. We also focus on healthy food that stimulates the detox process.

Every day we combine relaxing morning and evening sessions with delicious healthy breakfasts, snacks and dinners. There is also a day off, where you can take the e-bike after breakfast, for example, and cycle to the fishing village or the beach. Or you can spend a day doing nothing with a book at the pool.

PRICE 1.270€


  • Morning and evening sessions (yoga yin yang, meditation, sound healing, osho, …)

  • Breakfast, snack and dinner

  • Coffee, tea and water, all day long

  • 5 nights in a luxurious double room

  • Transfer from Faro airport to our boutique guesthouse

  • The sun, nature and silence

  • Large heated pool with honesty bar

  • Sauna 2 sessions, cold plunge pool


  • Flight Belgium/Netherlands – Faro (from Brussels, Charleroi or Eindhoven with Transavia, TUIfly, Brussels Airlines, TAP Air Portugal or Ryanair)

  • Massages (optional to book)

  • Individual coaching (optional to book)

  • Kambo (optional to book)

  • Rental car

  • Transfer from seeds of silence back to the airport

  • Alcoholic beverages


About Eline

Eline is a passionate entrepreneur who likes to delve into the well-being of people and studies and applies alternative ways to heal the body in a natural way. After 10 years of working in the wellness sector, she followed various courses at home and abroad, became a yoga teacher, energetic healer and holistic counselor.

​ Eline likes simplicity, enjoying the little things in life, dancing, nature, travelling, laughing, reading, healthy cooking, deep conversations and making loving connections with friends.

​ Living in the now and from the heart, that makes her happy.

It is her mission to teach people to feel their bodies better and to learn to let go. She gladly guides you to learn to see yourself and to discover your inner strength. 

​ Eline works in a holistic way. This is a practical healing philosophy that looks at and addresses all aspects of the person (body, mind, soul), encouraging research into the causes of symptoms rather than suppressing them, and recognizing the interconnectedness with the universe.

About Cindy

I am a passionate yoga teacher and coach. Health and exercise are central to my life. With my lessons I set people in motion, both mentally and physically.

I bring Yin and Yang, action and tranquility, for both beginners and advanced. These moments of reflection are an invitation for body and mind to find your unique strength outside your comfort zone. For this I use the five element theory. Every stretch in your body is linked to an energy pathway. With the right movements and stretches we remove blockages and let the energy flow again.

The connection between body and mind and taking time for yourself are two of the most important pillars for a happy and healthy life.  And I want you to experience that.



By email to or 

By telephone Eline +32 477/927 757

By phone Cindy +32 498/122 156 

Only 12 places available, so be quick!


After arrival you will be given time to acclimatize. In the evening we do an opening circle followed by dinner.


  • We start the day with a smoothie and then follow a yoga detox class. Afterwards we serve a healthy brunch. The rest of the day is free to relax on the domain or explore the area.

  • In the evening you are expected for an osho meditation followed by dinner, followed by a sauna and ice bath for complete detoxification.


  • We start the day with a smoothie and a yoga detox session. Optionally you can opt for kambo.

  • After breakfast you can go paddling to a neighboring island (optional)

  • In the evening we organize a session of yin yoga, followed by dinner. We close the evening with a mind walk in silence.


  • We start the day again with a smoothie and a yoga detox session. Optionally you can choose kambo. After brunch in silence you can take a bike ride to an authentic village nearby.

  • In the evening we plan a session of restorative yoga. After dinner, another session of yoga nidra follows. 


  • After our daily smoothie, power yoga and sound healing are on the program. Optionally you can also opt for kambo this day. In the afternoon you can relax at the pool, explore the area, ...

  • In the evening we organize a closing circle with osho and dance. After dinner, an invigorating sauna session with an ice bath is on the program.

On this last day you pack your bags and we spoil you with a breakfast package before check-out.

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