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Hey beautiful creature!

I am Eline, an authentic, playful, passionate woman.

My whole life has evolved around finding inner strength, self-love and confidence within myself.
It was not an easy journey...
Medical problems challenged me to confront myself in order to find my soul qualities and discover how I
 can be healthy and live a happy life.

Now I live fully in the moment, from my heart and on my own rhythm. I surf the waves of life in confidence and with acceptance for what is.

If I can do that, so can you, and I'm happy to guide you through the process of becoming the most loving, highest version of yourself. ​

I believe in you, do you?

Find my story below.



My story

I was born prematurely with toxoplasmosis. This caused inflammation on my brain, scoliosis, blindness on my right eye, muscle and bone problems. Since childhood, I went from doctor to doctor, treatment to treatment. Many of those treatments were invasive and traumatic for me.

There was so much wrong with me and I needed to be 'fixed'. That made me deeply believe I wasn't good enough.


In my puberty I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and spasmophilia. Pain was something 'normal' in my life. I ended up in a wheelchair and it was like the days went by without me being alive, just surviving. I felt depressed and had no idea if I would ever have a future. I was mostly scared and felt alone and misunderstood by my surroundings.
Every day I took a lot of medicine and felt like a zombie, I was completely burnt out.


By the time I was 18 I had lost all faith in traditional medicine and was so fed up with it. So I decided to do it differently, it couldn't get any worse. My confidence at the time was non-existent and I had no idea who I was , but I had to follow my heart and intuition .

I was going to heal myself.

I stopped taking the meds, joined the gym, changed my diet, started studying again and went to psychotherapy .
This took a lot of courage and energy, but I felt a little flame deep inside and I knew I could ignite it. I was ready for a new life .


With a lot of patience and willpower I slowly felt myself getting stronger, getting closer to myself, getting healthier . My body started to feel lighter and the flame inside me grew bigger.


When I was 26, I proudly opened my own wellness center where I supported people to feel good about themselves and give them a unique moment of relaxation.

It was actually what I needed so much myself, but didn't quite believe I was worth it, and it was easier to give it to others.

I also became a real warrior in the meantime, was used to solve things on my own, to keep going and not to fold, I was emotionally hardened and I built a thick wall around myself.


Then yoga and meditation came my way. I promised myself to get on my mat every day, even if it was only for 5 minutes. My body became stronger and my confidence increased, my mind was calmer and more clear. The pain in my body reduced and I learned to feel it like never before. It was a wonderful process of becoming aware.

I was drawn deeper into the inner work and alternative ways to heal the body, such as plant medicine and energetic work. They guided me to my heart and brought me happiness, softness, trust, compassion and love for myself.


I took giant steps in loving myself without judgment, accepting my emotions and giving them space to transform. Developing self-confidence, respecting my boundaries and having the deep knowledge that I can fully be who I really am.

Now I dare to feel, to be honest and curious about what moves inside me, even if it is confronting or uncomfortable. I have a deep confidence and a flame that cannot be extinguished because I took responsibility for my healing process and trusted my inner voice.


In my life I do not choose to be a victim of everything I have experienced.

It was a journey through myself to bring me to who I am today and I am grateful for that. I am proud of the journey I have taken and endured, it has taught me so much and given me immense strength.


And you can too!

Would you like to awaken that fire in you so that you can shine, live your life with confidence and authenticity ?

I am happy to support you in this.

Request your free 30 minute discovery call to see if we're a match to work together.

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