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Do you truly live?

Every morning we wake up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, get to work, loose the sense of time in our work, back to our home, do our things, and prepare to sleep. And then the next day, we repeat the cycle and do the same thing over again.

We get used to our lives. Living every day the same, day in and day out, without really thinking about how we truly want to live. And we don’t plan or think about it if this is the life that we intend to have.

Our lives are supposed to be filled with excitement, joy, laughter, connection, love and creativity. When did you start to buy into the ideas that life isn’t as interesting as it should be? When did you stop dreaming?

What do you truly need to be happy?

The difference between living and feeling alive is using your fear as fuel to fly.

When we dare to step out of what is regular, normal, maybe even boring, we stretch and grow. It’s hard and scary for most of us to step out of the comfortzone, but doing so is very fulfilling. What would happen if you try it?

What makes you feel alive?

What makes your heart glow?

Let the magic in. Let your heart skip a beat. Let yourself be afraid. Embrace it. Take that step towards what you long for.


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