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Video series for deep sleep

Do you sleep badly? Do you have racing thoughts when you try to fall asleep? Are you restless?

Not getting enough sleep can have negative effects on your immune system, nervous system, hormones and mental health.

I have developed this series to help you sleep comfortably and deeply.
You don't need to have any experience with yoga to take the video lessons.

This series contains 3 hours of super gentle yoga divided into 6 videos to improve your sleep. Using breathing, guided meditation, yin and restorative yoga, this program will take you to ultimate relaxation.

Choose which lesson you need in the moment, or follow several.

Nidra (YouTube Thumbnail).png

Yoga Nidra 32 mins:
Or yoga of sleep, is a deeply relaxing guided meditation practiced with the body comfortably resting on a bed/seat or a mat.
During Yoga Nidra, the mind is in a dreaming state between deep sleep and wakefulness. Your consciousness gradually moves inward so that all physical, emotional and mental tensions can be released effortlessly.

Half an hour of Yoga Nidra will completely recharge you both physically and mentally, reduce stress and increase your well-being.
Repeat this meditation as often as you like to find peace, sleep deeply and wake up rested.

thumbnail Breathing for a deep sleep..png

Breathe for a deep sleep 20 min:
In this video I guide you through 3 breathing exercises to calm down and prepare the body for a deep sleep.
- box breathing
- nostril breathing
- bumble bee breathing

thumbnail nestle in silence.png

Snuggle yourself in silence 32 min:
Dim the lights and get cozy, because this class will put you straight to bed. Welcome some much-needed silence as you become familiar with your breath and rock yourself into a sleepy state. Relax with gentle stretches, easy twists and openers, then let Savasana transport you to a blissful sleep.
Props needed: Two blankets or towels, pillows


thumbnail reset nervous system.png

Nervous System Reset for Relaxation 26 min:
This video will help you reset your nervous system and prepare your body for sleep. Let the tension in your neck melt away and surrender to gravity in relaxing poses like the side twist and the butterfly.
Props needed: Two blankets or towels and pillows

thumbnail ultimate relaxation.png

Ultimate relaxation 43 min:
Just when you thought it couldn't get any more relaxing, here is a video practiced entirely on the back. These soothing poses will help regulate your nervous system to prepare you for deeply restorative sleep. Sink into effortless reclining poses like banana pose and legs against the wall. You end with a guided meditation in Savasana.
Props needed: a wall, pillows and blankets


thumbnail FACIAL YOGA.png

Facial Yoga 15 min:
In this video we are going to loosen the muscles in the face and neck. You will be surprised how much peace and relaxation these exercises bring.

Self-love is prioritizing good sleep.

Buy this series and get unlimited access to all 6 videos for a year. (the video's are in Dutch)

20% discount valid until 31/07/22

44 euro instead of 55 euro

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