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Kambo & Cacao Ceremony
with Eline and Ruth

Connect with yourself and mother earth in a beautiful location with swimming pool in nature. 



  • Opening Circle

  • Kambo Ceremony

  • Rest

  • Gentle yoga & dance

  • Guided meditation

  • Cacao ceremony with live singing

  • Closing Circle ​

Ruth and Eline create a safe place for you to dive deeper into yourself and find transformation. ​



When? Sat 17/09 9h30 - Sun 18/09 12h
Where? Oostkamp (you will get the exact address when you register)
Price? 199 euros

max 11 participants


Incl 3 meals (light lunch, dinner, breakfast), tea and fresh fruit.

What to bring?

We spend the night in the meadow so bring your tent and sleeping equipment, drinking bottle, pen and paper, comfortable and warm clothing (layers).


Contact Eline for more information or registration: 0477/927757 ​

lungs workshop.jpg

Discover the healing effect of Yin yoga by stimulating specific meridians.

In this lesson Eline focuses on the element metal. This is connected to thelung and colon meridian- the organs yourestore immune system, improve bowel movements and your lung capacity and harmonize out-of-balance emotions such as sadness.
It is mainly about letting go of what no longer serves you and creating space for something new.

We stay in the postures for 3 to 5 minutes to increase the healing effect on a physical, mental and emotional level. We work on opening the chest, loosening the arms and upper back and releasing tension in the shoulders and neck.

Discover the healing effect of Breathwork

Breathe...The first thing you do when you are born and also the last thing you do before you die. On average, we breathe about 26,000 times a day. Why not do this in a perfect way!?

A lot of peopleare stuck in their heads and bodies. Sitting with chronic hyperventilation without knowing anything about it.

Steve started working 18 years ago on how he could handle hyperventilation, stress, depression in himself. He now wants to share the road he has traveled with everyone who needs it. Breathwork is his specialty. Steve owns a lottechniques that can bring you to rest as well as to a higher state of consciousness. A new experience!

Discover the healing effect of Rapé.

Rape is oneholy and legal medicinewhich has been used for thousands of years by different tribes living in the Amazon and can be a great tool to improve thecalm mindand connect with the essence of the universe.

Rape is onesnuffwhich consists mainly of finely ground and sieved organic tobacco, medicinal plants, trees and seeds that determine the subtle alchemy. The result is a very fine spicy powder.

Traditionally, rapé is administered with a pipe that is blown through each nostril.Pure intention and respectare important for receiving to get the best out of the medicine.

These are the effects of rapé:

  • Opens and aligns the chakras

  • Grounding

  • Release disease on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

  • Opens the third eye

  • Decalcifies the pineal gland

  • Removes mental confusion and negative thoughts

  • Connects to your higher self and the universe


13h30 reception

13h45 Yin Yoga with Eline

3 p.m. tea & fruit break

3:15 pm Breath work with Steve

4.30 pm Rapé meditation (optional)

Practical information

When: Sat 3/12 13h30 – 17h00 and Sat 14/01/23

Where: The Yoga Zolder, Astridlaan 180, Assebroek

Contribution: 55 euros (to be paid in cash on the spot)

Sign up: click here

No experience with yoga or breathwork is necessary for this workshop.
Mats and supplies are provided, just bring your water bottle.

Only 12 places available, book your place now.


Learn more about Eline:

Learn more about Steve:

Image by Silvestri Matteo

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – E.E. Cummings

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