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Bye Bye 2021

2021 was an intense year with many ups and downs. I was fighting and resisting a lot and lost so much energy doing that. When I realized that I was actually fighting myself, the door to softening, surrendering, accepting, and letting go opened. I practiced being more present in my body and took rest, a lot of rest. I have learned to use my voice to express my truth and ask for help when I need it. I have learned that I am the light and also the dark and that everything is energy. I have learned that I am very courageous and that I have what it takes. I have learned that it is okay to not be okay and allow that to be there. I have learned that my intuition is always right and that I can heal myself and support others in their process. I have learned how to stay true to myself and what I believe to be the truth. I’m grateful for all the traveling I was able to do, the loving community I am part of. I’m grateful for the wonderful teachings I received. I’m grateful for mother earth for guiding me home and plant medicine for guiding me to my heart. I’m grateful for all the deep connections and love that I experienced this year. I’m grateful that 2021 slowed me down and made me trust that I AM enough, that I HAVE enough, and that I DO enough. My intention for 2022 is to live fully and authentically with an open heart, embody the light and love that I am so I can give and receive it effortlessly. I am letting go of doing things that don’t resonate with me anymore. And I’m giving myself time. Time to go at my own pace. I’m very hopeful 2022 will shine brighter than ever, and I wish you a wonderful new year. ✨ Lots of hugs and love. ✨ Eline 💛

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