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Do women have to be strong?

Today it’s International woman’s day.

Social media is exploding with messages about women being strong.

Why do women have to be strong warriors that should have a man’s strength?

Many women are losing themselves in an effort to keep up with the male-dominated workplace and the new-age approaches to dating and relationships. Women for various reasons tend to use masculine or hard energy to survive or succeed, and as a result, not only are they exhausted, but they become hard.

Many women have been tricked out their softness, inaccurately led to believe that it equates to weakness and compliance. There’s actually great strength in the irresistible softness of femininity. While she knows how to yield and surrender when necessary, a soft woman could be leading a pack a wolves and not be noticed. Plus she’s got the charm to make others think they are actually leading, but gently and most lovingly, they are indeed being led.”

What the world really needs, at this time, is merciful healing and empathetic alliance, not more brute, exploitive use of power activated by a separative consciousness that seeks to dominate and extract from nature.

The sacred feminine is profound nourishment, soft, instinctual, embodied, self aware, immanent and mysterious.

Women ánd men need to allow themselves to be vulnerable, allowing authentic softening, so the layers beneath the defenses can be seen, met, and healed.

Explore what brings you lightness, ease, beauty, and joy. Develop a more caring relationship to yourself, your body.

Ask yourself and others what you feel instead of what you think.

Soften and love.

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