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Since the pandemic started, I felt from the beginning deep in my gut that something was off. Every time I saw the news my whole body cringed. It was like I was watching a theater show. Watching anything on tv gave me a lot of anxiety so I decided to throw out my tv. I also banned every media report from entering my system because it is based on death, deceit and despair and it was not doing me any good. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. It gave me so much peace.

It is very odd to me that only one side of perspective is allowed. Many people I follow, including myself, got censored for questioning the narrative. Since when is that the norm? Since when is questioning something forbidden? “Trust the science” they say, what - in my opinion - is another way of saying that we put all trust in something outside of ourselves, so you don’t have to take responsibility and critically think for yourself. When science IS actually questioning, observing, experimenting and always changing.

And how truthful is the science that we have been given? How did we get so far into believing without any doubt what media and government reports? Did we really learn nothing from the past? Why do so little people see through the lies, the manipulation and division authorities are creating?

It’s not your fault.

I started realizing that our entire life is made of programs. Very deep programs that are running since the day we are born. Systems created to control our thoughts and beliefs. What we get fed from the media is called predictive programming. It is the psychological conditioning by governments and other powerful bodies and leaders, through the media, to acquaint the public with planned changes in our society long before they happen to reduce resistance in the population. In other words, so we can accept these changes more smoothly.

Feel into it.

Do you believe that life is really about waking up, working your ass off, eating, sleeping and repeating all that? Do you believe that life is about fear and is supposed to be restricted in any way? No, it is not. We are modern slaves, living in corrupt systems. Manipulated and threatened through fear, shame, and blame tactics to make us completely dependent on the systems. And worst of all, they are making us believe it is normal. Anyone who goes against this is canceled, marginalized, and made into an outcast.

People lose their discernment because they lose connection with their bodies and their essence. It somehow gets lost in the rat race of life and the programs we are living in. To be a healthy, sovereign human being, we need connection, touch, to feel safe, nature, peace, love, laughter, fun, movement, healthy nutrition, creativity, and freedom. And we didn’t experience a lot of that the last two years. More and more people feel something is not right, but they decide to ignore it because they believe they can’t do anything about it. And that’s not true.

We ALL have the power to change the world, but we have to start with ourselves.

The outer world is only a reflection of what is going on inside. We created this because we need to learn to step out of the programs and the ego structure.

How dark can it get?

It depends on us, on how willing we are to be real and stand up for ourselves. This period we are going through, is teaching us to stand in our power and to come home to our body, slow down and FEEL. With the mind (ego), we think, with the heart, we feel. And it’s by feeling, we can transform.

You can start by being completely honest with yourself, being curious about your beliefs and patterns and feeling what is happening inside, without any judgment. We have learned since we were small to hide the parts that we don’t like about ourselves, but that only creates a lot of false, suffering and pain. It is simply not real and authentic, and it creates disease.

It’s time we start looking at our shadows, embracing them, sitting with them, accepting them, feeling them and by doing that, we give it space to transform. By transforming ourselves, we transform the world.

So, the question is: what do you choose, what do you want, what world do you want to live in? Do you have the courage?

And you don’t have to do that on your own. Ask for help. I am here to support you. It is by being compassionate with each other, uniting, sharing our love and light, holding the space, we will get through this, into a world that we can now only imagine in our wildest dreams.

And don’t forget to ditch your tel-a-vision.

Much love

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